Bowling Easter Egg

The Bowling Easter Egg in medium quality (with neon text)

The Bowling Easter Egg is an easter egg in Smash Hit which lets the player to play a round of bowling.

How to reach itEdit

  1. Go to credits.
  2. Destroy all glass objects.
    • Glass sheets with text
    • Triangle glass sheets
  3. You will reach the easter egg.


When the player reaches the Bowling Easter Egg, the forward-motion stops and (s)he will see bowling alleys with pins made of glass at ‘his’/‘her’ bowling alley. Above the alleys, in qualities medium and high, there’s a neon artwork with the text “smash hit”, and bowling symbols.


The player can score up to 10 points by knocking down the glass pins with his/her balls. When all pins are knocked down, the next row of pins appears till the player has 10 points: Then, no more pins will appear.

Music and DurationEdit

The music sounds like in a real bowling center; piano, stringed bass and flute play. The easter egg ends when the music is over: Then, the player comes back to main menu. He/She can also exit before that with the arrow-shaped button in the upper left side of the screen.