Not To Be Confused With Checkpoint 1.5 , Checkpoint 1.25 and Checkpoint 1.75.

Checkpoint 1 is the second and first official checkpoint of Smash Hit. It follows the introductory stage. This area contains three segments or jokingly 4 segments.

Description Edit

The layout of the map is comprised of mainly black blocks and dark grey glass, giving the area a dark feel. The background consists of a gradient of blue with white or, in the case of the second segment, orange. The noticeable feature of this one is that the boss is more stronger than the previous boss which makes it get a little more difficult due to a ring of glass plates that protect it.

stage obstacles number off door buttons power ups gravity
1 glass block

sliding long glass walls

DNA strands

1 normal
2 DNA strands

slim glass bars

1 normal
3 swinging glass blocks 1 ınifinite ball normal
4 DNA strands

slim glass bars with metal

swinging glass blocks

glass block

2 2 ınifinite balls normal

Checkpoint 1 introduces new interesting types of obstacles.

Within the first segment the player finds many moving columns. Although some appeared in the second segment of the Introductory stage, they appear in much larger numbers here, and can carry either crystals or glass boxes.

The second segment also introduces special DNA strands, and the third introduces swinging glass blocks.

Stages Edit

Just like the Introductory stage, Checkpoint 1 contains four segments. The second segment, however, is twice as long as the other three. 3 out of 4 segments are NOT fake , the 4th segment is fake!

Trivia Edit

  • Checkpoints 1 and 4 are the only checkpoints in which all the soundtracks found in their segments are found elsewhere.
    • Segment 1 shares its music with the second segment of Checkpoint 5 as well as the Versus and Co-op modes.
    • Segment 2 shares its music with segments in the Endless Mode and Zen Mode.
    • Segment 3 shares its music with the third segment of Checkpoint 4, coincidentally.

Object Debuts Edit

  • Glass Blocks
  • DNA Strands
  • Moving Columns