Description Edit

Checkpoint 12 is fake with new features called plasma beams and ice ball power-up

Info About Ice Ball Power-Up Edit

They Destroy Plasma beams and laser beams when it touches the laser.

gravity objects stages power ups
zero DNA strands star crystals 1 2 infinite balls
zero DNA strands pyramidal crystals 2 1 infinite ball

1 ice ball.

zero fliying glass panes star crystals 3 1 time slow

Zones Edit

Zone 1 goes at normal speed. 2 Infinite Ball power ups appear at the beginning. Crossing glass bars, lasers, and metal appear in this stage. The exit door has 2 buttons and has 1 star crystal. Zone 2 is as fast as the 2nd zone of Checkpoint 10(really fast). Another Infinite Ball power up appears along with the new ice beam power-up. Crystals are very sparse in this zone, partially because of the speed. Plasma beams appear in this level. They deduct 20 balls instead of 10 when they hit you. DNA strands appear as well. Zone 3 goes at normal speed again. There is a Time Slow power up at the beginning. Crashers, glass cannons, and flying glass panes appear. It is also a spinning zone.

Music Edit

12-1: 7-1 music

12-2: 1-1 music

12-3: 3rd stage multiplayer music