Description Edit

Fan-made Checkpoint with new features called Phantom King , which will make you lose 50 balls when hit by one and falling phantoms , which will make you lose 5 balls every 5 seconds for 10 seconds but it does not reset your multi-ball.

Stages Edit

Stage 1 Edit

Stage 1 features a phantom ball power-up at the start , levers , phantom watchers , phantoms , there is 1 button at the end.

Stage 2 Edit

Stage 2 features falling phantoms , crystals , there is a automatic door at the end.

Stage 3 Edit

Stage 3 features crystals , phantom watchers , phantoms , there is 2 buttons at the end.

Stage 4 Edit

Stage 4 is a boss fight , you have to fight the Phantom King , every time it slams , it will be stunned for 10 seconds , use your phantom ball power-up when it is stunned or it slams , after it is defeated , there are 10 3D Star crystals at the end along with a automatic door leading to Checkpoint 15.

Trivia Edit

The Phantom King and falling phantoms are the same as Animal Jam

There are 2 phantom kings in mayhem mode , so pay attention!

Music Edit

Stage 1: Checkpoint 11 stage 1 music

Stage 2: Checkpoint 6 stage 1 music

Stage 3: Checkpoint 11 stage 3 music

Stage 4: Checkpoint 6 stage 2 (first half and boss intro) music , Checkpoint 6 stage 1/boss theme music (looped until you defeat him)