Checkpoint 26 Edit

Checkpoint 26 has 4 stages and proceeds to Real Infinity. (SO BORING)

Stages Edit

Stage 1 Edit

Stage 1 has snow and a new kind of crystal, a snowflake crystal. The music is from the second stage in the Introductory Stage.

Stage 2 Edit

Stage 2 has more snowflake crystals with ice crystals. The music is from the second stage of Checkpoint 11.

Stage 3 Edit

Stage 3 has some snowflake and ice crystals. There are star crystals as well with some star hammers and spinning double hammers on each handle. The music is from the third stage of Checkpoint 9.

Stage 4 Edit

Stage 4 is the last stage before Real Infinity. It tends to have light and ice and also has clovers, dandelions, butterflies, flowers, blood, and voids. You will get a message saying, "Now entering Real Infinity (True Endless Mode)," as you leave this stage.