Checkpoint 5 (a.k.a Ocean) is the checkpoint after Checkpoint 4 and before Checkpoint 6.

The checkpoint's theme focuses around an aquatic nature with Low Gravity, and introduces metal objects. This is the first checkpoint to have an underwater look, and the Explosive Ball Power Ups.

This checkpoint was introduced in version 0.1. Checkpoint 4 was the last level in 0.0.

Stages Edit

1 (a.k.a Underwater) Edit

Stages 1 and 2 feature calming music and plenty of crystals. Yet there are sliding glass bars and hanging cylinders in the ceiling. A noticeable feature about this stage is that there is lower gravity, as the balls move slower. At the end, there are some floor tiles leading to a cross-shaped door.

2 (a.k.a Parts storage room)Edit

Stage 2 features the same music as the first stage of Checkpoint 1, Local Multiplayer Modes and Smash Hit Gameplay end music. It has Sliding Glass Panes, as well as a thinner variation, and spinning propellers. This stage is the second rotating stage.

Apparently, this stage has a Redwall when in the thin sliding glass panes. See Redwall for more information.

3 (a.k.a CrossesNSlides)Edit

At the beginning of stage 3, the player passes through a long tunnel, then there would be 1 octahedral crystal to break and 2 Power Ups (namely the Explosive Ball and Time Slow) to collect. However, in older versions (and a Disappearing Crystal Glitch) the crystal doesn't exist.

As to the the power-ups, the player would be faced with faster sliding glass panes and glass bar crosses (use Time Slow and Explosive Ball respectively.). The music is also shared with Zen Mode.

4 (a.k.a Stairs) Edit

Stage 4 features no obstacles and many rows of 16 or 18 pyramidal crystals. which are in stairs. This is a Break Point in the game and later goes to Checkpoint 6, Mayhem Boss in Mayhem Mode.The usic is Local Multiplayer Modes and Smash Hit - Official Trailer end Music.

Trivia Edit


Low gravity...

  • The Boss has Low Gravity. This is the only checkpoint to have this feature.

Music Edit

Stage Shared with? Other information
1 None Repeats twice
2 Checkpoint 1 Stage 1, Local Multiplayer Modes and Smash Hit Gameplay None
3 Zen Mode
4 Local Multiplayer Modes and Smash Hit - Official Trailer end

Documentation Edit

Stage Obstacles Gravity Number

Of Door Buttons

Parts Rotation? Power Ups
1 Hanged Cylinders and

Horizontal Glass Bars

Cylinders (4 arms in normal, 2 in VR) Octahedral Crystals
Low 2 No Explosive Ball
2 Sliding Glass Panes (Normal and Thin)

2 Octahedrons in Training Mode

Redwall (stone)

1 Yes None
  • Sliding Glass Panes
  • Octahedral Crystals (1 at the beginning)
  • Pyramidal Crystals (Training Mode only, at the end)
No Explosive Ball and Time Slow
4 Pyramidal Crystals/Star Shaped Crystals İn Virtual Reality, all on Stairs
Screenshot 20200107-173017
Checkpoint 5-0
İnfinite Balls

Mayhem Boss Edit

See Boss Fights.

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