Checkpoint 6 is the checkpoint after Checkpoint 5, and before Checkpoint 7.

Description Edit

The checkpoint's color scheme focuses in either maroon or dark cerise. Checkpoint 6 introduces new features such as more indestructible and faster glass panes. The difficulty on this checkpoint for first-timers could be significantly massive.

Stages Edit

Stage 1Edit

The player will be faced with faster-moving revolving glass panes and 1 or 2 rhombus crystals on moving columns and 2 square-pyramidal crystals on the ceiling. Its music is also the bosses' main theme and also when you enter Endless Mode/Infinity. The glass panes in this checkpoint are similar in Checkpoint 3, but thinner.

Stage 2Edit

Stage 2 introduces more spinning glass bars, as well as lasers. And this zone doesn't have a door when the music ends. It's music is also the bosses' intro.

Stage 3Edit

This stage may be difficult. It has similar obstacles from the 2nd stage of Checkpoint 3, and there is a 1-button door to Checkpoint 7 after the 4th stage, with 2 rhombus crystals. This stage ends with a 1-button door too.

Stage 4

This stage looks similar to the first stage, but slower, with inverted gradient background and different music.

gravity number off door buttons object power up balls
normal 1 spinning thick glasses

crystals pyramidal crystals

fire ball
normal 2 lasers spinning caspers crystals 2 inifinitive


normal 1 spinning propellers

shifting lasers hanged glass panes

pyramidal crystals shifting propellers

normal 1 spinning thick glasses

crystals pyramidal crystals