Description Edit

Co-Op is a game mode within the Local Multiplayer game modes. However, it can be quite difficult, as both player have shared Balls, and that there are different stages.

stage 7 music CP1 Z1 and CP5 Z2 music

stage 8 music CP7 Z1 and Endless Mode and Zen mode music

stage 9 music CP5 Z4 music

stage 1 object stage 2 object stage 3 object stage 4 object stage 5 object stage 6 object stage 7 object stage 8 object stage 9 object


spinning proppellers swinging hammers

spinning glass hanged glass pane with metals

spinning propellers hanged

uphıll glass panes

hanged glass panes rotaing metal glass panes


pop-up glass shetts

failing glass planks

crystals horizontal glass bars DNA strands pyramidal crystals
backpack metal glasses with uphill traingle glass panes star crystals
pyramidal crystals


slidding glass walls
shifting wall glasses spinning caspers