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The Introductory stage, also known as Checkpoint 0, is the first checkpoint that appears in Smash Hit. It acts as the game's tutorial.

Description Edit

The Introductory stage is mainly white, with grey glasses. The background color is mainly white, while in the previous segment a green tint is added. You are known as a beginner.

This area contains three segments, and once completed the player enters Checkpoint 1.

Since it is the first checkpoint in the game, the Introductory stage is very easy compared to other checkpoints appearing later on. The glass obstacles here pose little difficulty.

Introduced features Edit

This checkpoint introduces the basic mechanics of the game. During the first segment, notifications will appear to inform the player about firing balls, crystals, and Multiball. A notification also appears if the player crashes into an obstacle.

In the Introductory stage the player will first encounter crystals in their basic form; pyramid-shaped. The first glass obstacles are also found here, although only two types are introduced. Long glass bars are situated at various places, and sliding glass walls are common.

The first power-up is also found in this checkpoint. Midway through the third segment, the first Infinite Ball power-up appears, followed by six crystals placed in a row.

Stages Edit

The Introductory stage contains three real segments and 1 fake segment. They are not very difficult, and act as the tutorial for the game.

Stage Obstacles Description Gravity Power Ups Number of door buttons
  • Horizontal glass bar
  • Pyramidal crystals
The main area consists of many pyramid crystals placed in groups. Just before the exit, the player runs into a glass bar, the first obstacle encountered in the game. After this is the exit door, as well as two crystals placed alongside it. Normal 1/0 in Vuritial Release
2 This segment is slightly more challenging than the previous, as more obstacles are found. New sliding glass walls are encountered, which slowly move in a horizontal direction, as well the glass bars seen earlier. Crystals are often placed in more hard-to-reach locations, and some are placed atop vertically-moving columns. The end door is accompanied by two crystals placed in a similar matter as the previous segment, with one button needed to open it. Normal 1/0 in vuritial release
  • Sliding curtain glasses
  • Horizontal glass bars
  • Pyramidal crystals
This segment only contains the obstacles found in the previous segments, as well as crystals placed every so often. Halfway into the segment is an Infinite Ball power-up followed by six crystals. The player can use the power-up to destroy the crystals, although they can choose not to. The exit door is unique from the previous segments as it needs two buttons to open it instead of one. Normal
  • Infinite Ball (first Power Up in game)
2/0 in Virutal Reality

Trivia Edit

  • When played, arrows will point to the buttons that activate the doors as a hint for the player.
  • When playing for the first time, the game will show a brief tutorial explaining how to use the Infinite Ball power-up.

Power Up Debuts Edit

İnfinite Balls

Door Debuts Edit

1 Button

2 Buttons

Gravity Debuts Edit


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