Here are some tips for Smash Hit that I, Alpha Plasma Pea am giving you:

1. Hit all crystals in an area.

2. Get as many Infinite Ball Power ups as possible.

3. Hit glass that is in your way.

4. Only use Infinite Ball when you reach 0 Balls.

5. Set quality to medium or low.

6. See This Wiki for tips.

7. Use Zen Mode for training.

8. See Dynablox's Smash Hit Tips

9. MOST IMPORTANT: Have the Premium Upgrade so that you can restart from checkpoints.


These are optional tips. You don't have to follow them.

1. Have different music. [Mute Main music and use an Media Player (ES3 File Explorer works great!)

2. Try the easter egg to perfect aim against high gravity.

3. Use other power ups.

4. Reach Multiball.