1. (a.k.a) Endless Mode
Stage 1 (a.k.a.) 2th Endless Mode Obstacles Stage 2 (a.k.a.) 3th Endless Mode Obstacles Stage 3.a.k.a. 5th Endless Mode Obstacles
Hollow glass cubes DNA starnds Fliying glass blocks
Slidding tic tac toe shaped horizontal and vertical glass bars Vertical propelers Star crystals
Lasers Jumping glass blocks
Fliying glass panes Hanged hexagons
Horizontal glass bars Hanged traingles 4 pyramidal crystals
Star crystals
Pyramidal crystals

Description Edit

Zen Mode is one of five Game Mods of gameplay available to play if you have Premium Upgrade. It has a purpose to simply for players to relax, enjoy the music and watch the patterns the lasers, glass, rotating rooms and the crystals. The player can throw balls in this mode, but there is no ball count and it is impossible to lose on this mode. However, the multi-ball bonus is also in here, but is not seen in the screen.

The main theme for it really depends on either Chinese or Japanese style.

Note: It's also a meditation on this mode.

Zen Mode has hazards, but they will not be able to hit the character. Plus, even if you were hit, no damage would be taken.

stage 1 gravity stage 2 gravity stage 3 gravity
zero low zero
stage 1 rotation stage 2 rotation stage 3 rotation
No no Yes

Power-ups Edit

A infinite ball power up is seen randomly even though there's no ball count and is the only power-up in this mode at the 3th endless mode.

stage 1 power ups stage 2 power ups stage 3 power ups
Time slow infinite balls Explosion balls
== Glitches

There is 1 glitch , the disappearing room glitch and it commonly occurs on some devices. otherwise , it is VERY RARE , the glitch can go back to normal after 1 hour-3 weeks

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